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Walking Day, from Tivoli to discover the ancient aqueducts

On the occasion of the Walking Day, Sunday 10 October 2021, the Legambiente club of Tivoli, in collaboration with the associations of the Prenestine Alliance, offers an excursion to discover the ancient Roman aqueducts. The focus is on the mythical “Water Giants” in a walk of about five hours that will start from Tivoli.


From Tivoli towards the aqueducs. The excursion cross the historic center of the city and continue along Strada di Pomata, Gericomio, Ponte Sant’Antonio. At Torrino dei Gelsi for a small amount (6-7 euros) you can have a snack with local products upon reservation. Instead, lunch will be packed: everyone brings it from home.

Towards the “Way of the Giants”

The excursion will be an opportunity to present the “Way of the Giants”. It is an itinerary that connects the Roman aqueducts to the Temple of Fortuna Primigenia in Palestrina and the Temple of Hercules Victor in Tivoli.

Characteristics of the route

The walk is approximately five hours. The return to Tivoli is expected at about 5 pm. Course classified E. For about 300 meters, due to an interruption, it will be necessary to descend and climb into the ditch on earth steps with the help of a support rope.


  • Appointment at 8.15 in Tivoli, in front of the gate of the Sanctuary of Ercole Vincitore.
  • Reservation within Friday 8 October by email to giainnocenti@alice.it or by phone at 338.7172081.
  • Anti-Covid measures: it is mandatory to carry two masks (one as a spare).
  • Equipment: shoes for trekking or running, onion clothing, hat, cape or umbrella in case of rain, sun protection for children, packed lunch.

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