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Tivoli, in the ancient acropolis between temples and waterfalls

The Aniene waterfall, the temples, the sacred wood. Three clues on the traces of the acropolis of ancient Tibur to be discovered in a guided tour in stages through the history and myths of Tivoli. A small journey that can start from piazza Rivarola.

The itinerary

The route winds through piazza delle Mole, the famous temples of Tivoli, Vesta and Sibilla, the church of Santi Giorgio and Martino and via degli Stabilimenti.

The description of the poet Horace

The most incisive description of the acropolis of ancient Tibur is due to the poet Horace, who in two verses mentions the Aniene waterfall, the roaring abode of Albunea and the sacred wood of Tiburnus, the mythical founder of the city. The great poet had to admire that scenery from the bridge on the Via Tiburtina-Valeria, near today’s Ponte Gregoriano. From here you can enjoy the view of the two famous temples of Tivoli (2nd-1st century BC) and you can see the deep gorge where the rushing waters of the Aniene flow.

The same panorama was immortalized and told by the artists and travelers on the Grand Tour


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