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The moon over the Colosseum, in the backstage of beasts and gladiators

In the basement of the Colosseum in the light of the moon along the paths crossed by beasts and gladiators. The new and evocative itinerary proposed in the evening (from 6pm to 10pm) is the ancient backstage of the most famous amphitheater in the world. “The moon over the Colosseum” is the name of the guided tour program that will take place every Friday and Saturday until January 8, 2022.

The Colosseum seen from a new perspective thanks to the recent restoration of the entire surface of the spaces that housed the “behind the scenes” between stage sets, exotic animals and wrestlers ready to go out into the amphitheater arena for the famous fights. At the time of the famous fights they arrived on the sceneon the scene from hidden hatches and thanks to special scenic effects.

The moon over the Colosseum: from the basement to the arena

“The moon over the Colosseum offers the story of the topography of the valley where the Colosseum was built – this is the visit proposed by the Archaeological Park – while, crossing the underground area, we discover the materials with which the amphitheater was built. allowed to overcome the passage of time, the functionalities and the rules that made it an extraordinary machine of the show. The route continues along the perimeter corridor on the level of the arena passing in front of the Aedicule of the Via Crucis rebuilt with the original nineteenth-century fragments and ends on the same level of the arena, with an extraordinary view of the hypogea and with a 360 degree view on the immensity of the stands, which welcomed more than 60 thousand spectators, drawn in the night by the lights and shadows of the cavities of the archways “.


  • Groups of up to 25 people are allowed to visit
  • Meeting place: Valadier gate 15 minutes before the start of the visit
  • Duration of the visit: 75 minutes
  • To book: https://www.coopculture.it/events.cfm?id=177 or call center 06.39967700 (from 10 to 15 every day)
  • Entrance ticket: 25 euros full, 22 euros reduced

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