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The Domus Aurea reopens with a major exhibition

The Domus Aurea finally reopens, after the forced closure due to the Covid emergency. Doors open from June 23, 2021 with an extraordinary event. An exhibition not to be missed linked to the celebrations for the 500th anniversary of the death of Raffaello Sanzio which will remain open until 7 January 2022. The title: “Raffaello and the Domus Aurea. The invention of the grotesques “.

An extraordinary tale

The exhibition “Raffaello and the Domus Aurea. The invention of the grotesques “tells how the discovery of this architectural complex, one of the most famous in the world, has marked and influenced the iconography of the Renaissance. A story that begins around 1480, when some painters (Pinturicchio, Filippino Lippi and Signorelli among the first) descend into the caves of the Oppio hill to admire, by the light of torches, the pictorial decorations of the ancient Roman houses: they thought they were facing to the frescoes of the Terme di Tito and instead they were discovering, without yet knowing it, the forgotten ruins of the immense imperial palace of Nero. Hence the term: “grotesque”.

Raffaello and the “grotesques”

Raffaello, in the second decade of the sixteenth century, will fully understand the logic of the “grotesques” organically re-proposing them for the first time in the Stufetta of Cardinal Bibbiena (1516), but then also for the great cycle of old-fashioned stuccos and frescoes created in the Vatican Loggias (1517-1519). A charm that has also captured some of the greatest twentieth-century artists. The main exponents of Surrealism (Victor Brauner, Salvador Dalì, Max Ernst, Joan Miro, Yves Tanguy) proposed them once again, in a dreamlike and Freudian key.

• Timetables and tickets: https://parcocolosseo.it/visita/orari-e-biglietti/raffaellodomusaurea/

The places of Nero, a tour that leads to Subiaco

The magic and amazing architectural inventions of the residences of Emperor Nero, from the grandiose Roman Domus Aurea to the villa on the Aniene river, a refuge for the summer months among waterfalls, water features and caves. A tour, from Rome to Subiaco, which imagines the same journey as Emperor Nero: away from the Roman chaos to arrive at a peaceful holiday amidst lush nature and the fresh waters of the Aniene river. You pass through via Sublacense, the road built by Nero himself to reach his home “out of town”. All at the following link: The places of Nero

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