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Navigate the Tiber on green boats

Making the Tiber river navigable from its mouth to the northern limit of the city, including the entire metropolitan stretch, with electric boats. A single route of about 60 kilometers designed to bring the almost two million cruise passengers who land in Lazio every year from the tourist port of Fiumicino to the heart of the capital and to Castel Giubileo. This is what is foreseen by the intervention plan proposed by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport in collaboration with the Metropolitan City of Rome, which will be included in the Recovery Plan that the Italian government will send to Europe to access the funds of the Next Generation EU recovery package, aimed at supporting the recovery of the Union from the Covid crisis19.

To restore the navigability of the Tiber, MIT will submit a request for 300 million euros which will be used for the construction of infrastructural works for navigation and docking, for reclamation and safety measures of the docks and the basin and for environmental and naturalistic rehabilitation . The Lazio Region has been asked by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport to take on the role of implementing body.

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