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Mentana open-air museum, the amazement of antiquities walled up in modern buildings

Mentana as an open-air museum. Even a walk is enough to grasp a detail that takes you back two thousand years. Maybe between one commission and another, around the shops. These days, en plein air, the restoration of the funerary slab of the Appulei, which has always been set in a modern building along via III Novembre, is underway. This is also the charm of the “Garibaldian City”.

The restoration

The details arrived with a post from the prestigious municipal library: “Thanks to the care of the restorer, Dr. Roberto Civetta and his team, a very important historical testimony of the ancient Nomentum will once again be legible and protected from the deterioration of time. The funerary slab of the tomb of Lucio Appuleio tells the personal story of a family, perhaps of African origin and residing in Nomentum in the first century BC. who climbed the social ladder of ancient Rome thanks to his son, who had obtained the prestigious assignment of army officer “.

If you want to know more about Mentana and how to get there

It may be the occasion for a visit to this surprising town where the Middle Ages and the Renaissance coexist in a historic jewel center. Because Mentana is an open-air museum but not only: other important collections are kept inside the buildings. Here is the right link to learn more: Mentana, the thousand stories of the Garibaldian village.

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