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Marco Simone, ok first 9 holes Ryder Cup 2023

The first nine holes of the Ryder Cup course are ready at the Marco Simone Golf & Country Club, awaiting the Italian premiere of the most important golf competition in the world. This was confirmed by Gian Paolo Montali, general manager of the Ryder Cup 2023 project, in Lombardy on the occasion of the presentation of the 77th edition of the Italian Open which will take place from 22 to 25 October in the Chervò Golf Club San Vigilio in Pozzolengo, in the province of Brescia.

“Italian Open flagship of the Ryder Cup 2023 Project”

“The Italian Open – underlined DG Montali – is the spearhead of the Ryder Cup 2023 Project. The 77th edition of the tournament will be different but special thanks to the support of our partners. Also this year the tournament, with the support of Infront, will enter the homes of all Italians with double TV coverage on Sky Sport and Rai Sport. The return to Lombardy demonstrates that this is an itinerant event, aimed at embracing the whole country, enhancing its history and culture and contributing to the development of the related industries also in terms of tourism “.

Chimenti, president Fig: “The Italian Open is a great success towards the Ryder Cup 2023”

“After in-depth reflections, we decided that golf, a non-contact sport, deserved that its greatest Italian event could continue in the name of tradition and continuity and the Italian Golf Federation worked hard to ensure that the competition could take place”. Words of pride from President Franco Chimenti. “It represents – he added – a great success towards the Ryder Cup 2023. I would like to thank the institutions, starting from the Lombardy Region for their support, our Infront advisor with all the sponsors, the Chervò Golf San Vigilio and the European Tour. a tournament with a high technical profile and I am thrilled to have Matteo Manassero here with us. The first wild card I wanted it to be for him. His victory at the Toscana Alps Open and the excellent performance offered at the Italian Challenge Open made me very happy. I am sure that all the other Azzurri in the competition will also show their worth and show off along with the many internationally renowned champions in the field ”.

The champion Manassero: “You play golf to feel emotions and not just for results”

Matteo Manassero, a great blue talent and holder of the record for the youngest winner of the European Tour, will be one of the protagonists of the Italian Open. “If I am here today it is all thanks to the affection of President Chimenti, who is a great fan of mine – said the champion who spoke at the presentation of the event -. After the success in the Toscana Alps Open he was the first to call me and I want to thank him deeply. He plays golf to feel emotions and not just for the results. After my recent success, the expectation of me has returned to being high. I am an ambitious person and I always try to give my best. I have never stopped working and the joy I felt on the Alps Tour was a great satisfaction. I hope for an excellent Italian Open”.

Pietro Apicella, president of the Chervò Golf Club San Vigilio

“Being able to host the Italian Open is a source of pride, honor and satisfaction. I am enthusiastic about the commitment that all the staff of the club have been making since President Chimenti gave us this wonderful opportunity in August. For the past two months we have been working hard to ensure that everything is up to the standards expected for such a prestigious tournament. Our structure, thanks to its large spaces, is Covid free and will allow compliance with all regulations “.

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