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February 2021

Mentana as an open-air museum. Even a walk is enough to grasp a detail that takes you back two thousand years. Maybe between one commission and another, around the shops. These days, en plein air, the restoration of the funerary slab of the Appulei, which has always been set in a modern building along via III Novembre, is underway. This is also the charm of the "Garibaldian City". The restoration The details arrived with a post from the prestigious municipal library: "Thanks to the care of the restorer, Dr. Roberto

There is a palace in the heart of the Aniene Valley where the Renaissance frescoes that adorn the ceilings and walls are so well preserved and light that the notes of flutes, dulcians, lutes and harpsichords resound in the head. It is the Subiaco Fortress, la "Rocca di Subiaco". In this strange and fantastic world, the "grotesque" figures typical of the decorations of the time flutter, hold on to impossible equilibriums or climb thin strings. There are cherubs and putti in various fantasies, angel-women with feathered legs engaged in