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January 2021

The 2021 Golf Challenge Tour will stop in Italy in July, in Piedmont. The calendar of the second European men's circuit has been unveiled: 25 tournaments in 15 different countries. A journey that will last almost seven months. The tricolor stage will be played at the Margara Golf Club in Fubine Monferrato, in the province of Alessandria. It is the Italian Challenge Open, also included in the calendar of the Italian Pro Tour 2021 with the support of Infront, official advisor of the Italian Golf Federation. The start in

Francesco Molinari, one of the protagonists of "The American Express", a tournament of the PGA Tour staged from 21 to 24 January in La Quinta, California, is an expected return. The competition in the first two laps will be played on two different courses of the PGA West, the Nicklaus Tournament Course and the Stadium Course (the only competition field of the third and fourth laps): it will offer a total prize money of 6,700,000 dollars. The new beginning of Chicco Molinari And here is the return of Francesco Molinari.

The second edition of the Augusta National Women’s Amateur Championship, scheduled from March 31 to April 3, 2021, turns blue. Italy in Georgia (USA) will drop the super poker of athletes for a tournament that will be played over a distance of 54 holes. Five blue for the second edition of the women's Masters Among the protagonists in the competition, in the Masters in pink, there will also be Caterina Don, Benedetta Moresco, Alessia Nobilio, Emilie Alba Paltrinieri and Anna Zanusso. A historic milestone for the Italian Golf Federation, led

Journey inside the National Archaeological Museum of Palestrina. The history of ancient Praeneste and its magnificence, of the Goddess Fortuna and its famous oracles, is concentrated in an exhibition that revolves around an absolute treasure: the polychrome mosaic, one of the most refined and large preserved Hellenistic mosaics, created in end of the second century a. C. by Alexandrian artists. A hypnotic and fantastic map of Egypt under the dominion of the Ptolemies: the course of the Nile, Nubia, hunters and a series of animals with names written in

There is a special magic if the music of a classical guitar, a sax and a voice starts from the heart of the Hermitages of San Benedetto di Vicovaro and spreads on the web. It is a concert not to be missed the one that on the evening of Epiphany, at 6 pm, will be streamed to send a message of hope in a difficult moment. Greetings to the holidays, a wish for the new year.The project is de La Valle Eventi, financed by the Region. It is

The Middle Ages and the Renaissance coexist in the architecture of a historic center that together contains a thousand stories. The "treasure" of squares, streets, alleys, churches, noble palaces, is as if enclosed in a fortified castle. All in the heart of a natural park that preserves, among woods and fountains, the remains of the ancient Nomentum (4th century BC) in which the origins of the town lie. It is the village of Mentana, just over 22 kilometers from the center of Rome. Here there are two particular